Ashlee Phillip

Said questions were asked in 2017…while I had completely forgotten about these questions, I still stand next to my answers 110%.

It’s just too good to not share.
**also, today marks 5 years since hitting my first goal of -10lbs

Back in 2015, I apparently had a very good mind set. Not that I don’t today, but prior to my journey, I was a sourpuss. Last month I was asked a few, good random questions, and they’ve been dancing in my head ever since. And it’s a lot easier to put up these pictures, sit back and reflect than it is to answer the question head on. This way, I’m able to go back in time, and relive what and how I felt, yes I feel extremely vulnerable that way but a part of me hopes that someone reading this will feel like I’m taIking to them, and give them the courage they need to take the first step forward in a better, healthier direction.

So the first question was-
“What’s your least favorite exercise?’
‘I don’t think I have one…’
‘That’s my goal! To not hate exercise!’
I chuckled. But really, as much as I groan and complain, I’m honestly ok with doing anything and everything because I can… Now, if you would have asked me that two years ago? My response would have been, ‘burpees, cardio, running especially! Some weights… interval training, like tabata…’
Why? Because 160lb Ashlee couldn’t do any of that without getting winded. Down 10lbs felt great, but even climbing stairs still had me winded. Running for 3 solid minutes left me gasping for air. But… after every class I took, I felt better than when I first walked in. Something seemed magical about that place called Fit4Life.

“What was your goal when you started running?”
Uh, to run? I never had a goal in mind, I just remember thinking how cool it would be to say I did a 5k… A. 5k. Singular. Two years later I’m anxiously wanting to do another half marathon and a full. Why running? Maybe because in elementary school, I always finished in the last 5 when we had to run for the physical fitness test (remember that??) Or maybe because I so envied the people that would be running, while I drove by them. Once the weather got nice, and even when out was cold, you’d see these people, running, setting aside time in the day for themselves, to run. Were they training for an upcoming race? Was this their “me” time? Did they need to relieve some stress? Or just doing it because? Whatever the reason, I was always jealous… especially of the girls. Each one I drove by was so fit, and in they’re some, bettering themselves for whatever reason or another. This wasn’t a scheduled class they attended, by they chose to lace up their shoes, put on the music, and go. So much discipline. That’s what I was jealous of. I wanted so badly to be that. Fit. Discipline. Just me, my music, and road. No time frame. No set distance… and two years later, here I am, running 6 miles because I can.

It’s amazing what you can do, if you really want something… and as for a time frame? Start today. Start now. The next 3 months are going to pass. Make yourself a priority. It’s almost May. We’re almost 5 months into the year, what did you say you were going to do starting the new year? Have you? Why not? Life isn’t a movie, you can’t hit pause, and time waits for no one. So take that first step forward today.
If that step is towards a better, healthier, happier you, I’d love to offer you two free weeks at Fit4Life. If you just want more energy to get through the day, let’s chat. You just have to take the first step forward. What do you have to lose?

Sorry for the long post, kudos if you read it all. Sometimes I just feel the need to rant. Mainly to get something off my chest but also to inspire others. I felt so alone in the beginning on my journey, and I want others to know, you’re not alone. I always love hearing how far others have come, even the smallest of accomplishments, how excited they get when they’re down 5lb, or ran a half mile straight, for the first time ever. The joy in their voice, so sincere. I love it, it’s something that can’t be mimicked. 🌼