It was 3 years ago when I first met Joan. Her knowledge and nutritional information that I heard that day made total sense, however I had just changed jobs that had me totally stressed out and my son was a senior and getting ready to head off to college so there were a lot of changes happening already that were causing me great anxiety so focusing on me and my health was not a priority. Fast forward past all of those excuses to 4 months ago when I reached back out to Joan because I was simply tired of being tired and the things she had said 3 yrs earlier were still resonating with me. I had followed her on FB and watched her continue to not only talk the talk, but walk the walk with whomever would commit to themselves and push past the excuses. I had lost myself in the chaos of life and was feeling awful. Joan and I “talked” all via message and email and worked on a nutritional plan designed for me. She would message me and check in and always seemed to send those little words of encouragement right when I needed them. I have now lost 50 lbs, down 4 pant sizes, gained muscle, my night leg cramps are gone, I am sleeping so much better and my energy level is incredible.
Even through the closing of my regular gym due to coronavirus I have maintained my cardio workouts, started Joan’s online workouts and taking advantage of great recipes from her online cooking class. Thank you Joan for walking along side
of me for the last 4 months, educating me, (I eat real food, 5 times a day. I use to skip breakfast and now I can’t wait for breakfast to fuel my body), introducing me to ID Life supplements and encouraging me and pushing me to keep focused on being the best, healthiest me I can be. Set YOUR goals, throw out the excuses(its called life😉)and wake up each day with the mindset to be the best and healthiest you, that you can be. 💪🏻. I look forward to crushing my next goal! Thank you Joan for your passion to help others and your continued encouragement!!