Sherri Baughman

I met Joan Wagner nearly 4 years ago. I was struggling to find a healthy lifestyle! I wanted it badly but everything, everything I tried wasn’t working. Work, family, others seemed to always be my excuse not to take care of me! It took a health scare to wake me up! If I didn’t take care of me how could I work, be with my family and help others? I had to make me a priority because I loved my family, work and helping others. Joan is always in my back pocket, literally and figuratively. A phone call or text away helping me stay on track. Recently, I purchased a DNA kit and it has kicked started my journey and really dialed in my unique nutrition and activity needs. I FEEL good! My clothes fit better and no more guessing what to eat, when to eat but what shouldn’t I eat and why! Thank you Joan for helping me on my healthy lifestyle journey!