Our sessions begin with stretches to help limber up your muscles. You’ll then do a series of weight lifting exercises for building strength and endurance in your upper body. The barre comes next, giving you the opportunity to work your seat and thighs. We keep you moving through a series of abdominal exercises before finishing off with some cooldown stretches. The music we use is energizing, our teachers are encouraging, and we vary up the music and movements from one class to another so our workouts stay fresh and exciting.

Our teachers are prepared to help you achieve your goals for strength or endurance. You’ll be encouraged to do your best, and our teachers offer motivational tips to help you progress.  workout class that offers an ideal introduction to the basics of the techniques and movements we use.

People of all fitness levels can join us , and we offer something for everyone: Our workouts operate on more than one skill level and are low-impact but high-intensity. No pre-existing athletic abilities are required in order to reap the benefits of our workouts. If you are an experienced athlete, you’ll build endurance and strength with a fun new way to exercise. Beginners and intermediate athletes also enjoy rapid and visible results.

Join us for a free week! To sign up, give us a call, We look forward to helping you grow stronger, gain more confidence, and reach your goals for better fitness and flexibility.