Well today I feel that I need to post this new testimonial! We had success today with our daughter Rachel, who had had Type 1 Diabetes for 14 years! For anyone who is familiar with Diabetes, either Type 1 or 2, there is NO perfect fix. We can try to do all thing perfect and still end up with wacky numbers and feeling crummy. Rachel is dependent on Insulin at this point for the rest of her life. We try to follow a healthy diet but she still requires carbohydrates in her diet to maintain optimal glucose readings and avoid dangerous lows. We have had many days with highs and lows that have left us baffled and exhausted. Enter JOAN WAGNER! Our warrior leader and friend has helped both Rachel and I to get much closer to our goals. Today we met with her Endocrinologist in Sandusky and we were pleasantly surprised to see that her A1C has come down from 8.6 at her last visit to a 7.4 today!!! We are getting closer to optimal numbers and with Joan’s help we will get there. Rachel and I both have very different plans, but Joan was willing to take on the challenge of helping Rachel achieve her health and wellness goals. As a mother, I am ever so grateful to our dear friend Joan Wagner to have taken the time to help my daughter feel better inside and out, and to believe that she can take charge of her health but is not in it alone. Fit 4 Life has been an amazing support system for both of us and I thank the Lord that we have been blessed to have found such a caring and devoted group of friends that will help her reach her goals all while living and maintaining a healthy lifestyle! Sorry this is so very long, but I needed to give credit where it was due

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